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Linda Allen, Author

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The Jozie Hunter Mystery Series


Linda Allen is currently working

on an historical mystery entitled SAN FRANCISCO DEAD BEAT. Read all about it below.





Bellingham Homicide:

          Bellingham’s autumn season is off to a dazzling red and gold start when thirty-something Jozie Hunter embarks on one of her most puzzling cases. How did the decade old remains of a beautiful young woman from New York end up three thousand miles away on the West Coast in Washington State?  What deadly secret does Jozie uncover that threatens to take her own life?  Jozie, a real estate agent with a background in forensics, can’t resist solving crimes.  Join her in this journey of surprises, twists, and spellbinding intrigue as Jozie does what she has to do to find the killer and stay out of trouble.  Be there at the end when Jozie, helped along by her daughter Jamie and her best friend Presley, reach a startling conclusion.



          In this deliciously wicked sequel to Bellingham Homicide, Jozie's best friend Presley opens her consignment shop and makes a grusome discovery - a dead body sprawled out under a dress rack. Jozie quickly learns there is no shortage of suspects when she finds herself dealing with a looney doll collector, a larcenous financier and his pie-eyed token wife, a killer who never was, and a gang of thieves hiding in cyberspace. As Jozie investigates the most puzzling case of her career, she discovers not only a string of bizarre settings but the fascinating White family, especially the enigmatic Robert White. From the opening page to the original and shocking surprise twist at the end, Bellingham Betrayal lives up to the page-turner standards of the classic mystery novel.


Be on the lookout for the third book in the Jozie Hunter Mystery Series entitled Bellingham, Dead Ahead:

     Linda Allen weaves Jozie's next adventure amid the dark beauty of Stehekin, Washington located at the head of Lake Chelan, deep in the Cascade Mountains. In a case that turns out to be the most dangerous of her sleuthing experiences, Jozie returns home to Bellingham . . . the hard way. This book is in the editing process and has a release date of late spring 2010. For more information contact Linda at


April  2010 Update, a mesage from Linda Allen:

For a change of pace, I am hard at work on my fourth

novel, an historical mystery entitled San Francisco

Dead Beat. It is set in North Beach amid the Beat

Generation in the year 1958 and is about 3 graduate

students who travel to San Francisco to do social

research. What makes Max, Lewis, and Teddy drop

everything and go on the hunt for a ruthless killer? It is

an engrossing read loaded with authenic period

details because I lived in San Francisco during those

years. At this writing (04-01-2010) this novel is about

1/3 complete. I will keep you informed or contact me 

anytime at




"I was eager to see what happened next . . . Linda Allen is a good storyteller . . . she lets the reader have a good time . . . I like Jozie Hunter . . .  Great fun."

Sam Reed

Secretary of State

State of Washington


"Linda Allen's crime adventures are diabolical. She has to be commended for taking on a complicated set of facts in an improbable way and in an improbable venue and keeping it all together. Kudos!"

Michael Kaminski

Former Chief Deputy District Attorney, 18th Judicial District, State of Colorado and Adams County, Colorado Attorney.


"Gripping! Linda Allen juggles her unique characters, strong suspense, and intriguing twists in terrific adventures you will hate to see end. Presley is a hoot. Fabulous!"

Senator Jeanine Long

State of Washington 


"Keep this up and you will become the next Sue Grafton."

John R. Downes, Spokane, WA

Author of Orphans Song and A Few Deadly Friends

Access full book list at


"Linda Allen has a true gift. Her ability to allow the reader to understand a complicated subject like forensics puts her in a special category of writers. I can't wait for the next book!"

James Jetton, M.D. Palos Verdes, CA.

The Jetton Pavillion

Loma Linda University Medical Center

"Really got caught up in Bellingham Homicide . . . suspense plus . . . that last page made me want to dive right into the next book."

Pam Cofield, Bellingham, WA.

Essayist, poet, New York Times et. al.










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